Smart Array P420i controller (with 2 Samsung PM863 SSDs installed in RAID 1)

Jan 18 at 9:38 AM
I am trying to understand if HDD Guardian would work with Smart Array P420i controller.
I cannot find any information about that and I'm afraid that installing it might break something.

Did anyone try this or similar setup? Thanks.
Jan 18 at 7:18 PM
Edited Jan 18 at 7:20 PM
HDD Guardian uses SmartMonTools (more specifically its smartctl utility program) to query the status of drives.

For a list of RAID controllers supported by SmartMonTools, see

As you will notice, currently only the Linux and FreeBSD versions of SmartMonTools come with support for HP Smart Array controllers. No support under Windows so far :(
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Jan 20 at 12:38 PM
Thank you elgonzo for the reply.