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HDD guardian is best SMART monitor for windows. One of killer feature is mail notification. It's work good, bur only if mail-server is certificated. If you have internal mail server for administrative purpose then that server is self-signed because work only for local net. In this case HDD Guardian can't send any message. The trouble is in self-signed mail-server certificate. I try install certificate as trusted, but windows not approve them in test .NET program. It's simple program for send message thru mail-server.
I see the solution of that problem as investigate right method of install server-certificate in windows or show request window with approve current server-certificate with install certificate in program provided directory as that doing in test program.

And please make the "Send test email" as "button" NOT "link".
Also will be perfect make window with debug messages of sending mail with "Ok"/"Fail" state message. Because if mail-server you own - it's Ok, but if it not you own (server of provider) you can't make debug logging at server-side. Not arrived e-mail message only states that something not work, but what you can't know.
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Eruestan wrote Mar 19, 2017 at 10:52 AM


Thank you for your code snippet!
With this you're helping me a lot, since I've never understand why the built-in .Net mail system can't work with custom servers.
As soon as possible I'll provide you a build with your code! ;)


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belias00 wrote Apr 9, 2017 at 1:01 AM


That's weird...I just came on here to write a bug report about this. I also use an unsigned local mail server as an email relay (i.e. all of my devices send to my server, and it relayed to GMail). I noticed that HDD Guardian doesn't send to this type of server (which I would think would actually be easier).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As always - thank you for all the effort Sam!!!
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