Virtual devices

HDD Guardian offer the possibility to monitor other devices that are not directly connected with a PC sharing smartctl output into a specific folder. This folder can be selected into the Output sharing panel of Settings window; when the refresh rate expires, HDD Guardian automatically save a copy of smartctl output for all local devices that have their sharing option enabled.

How to share the output of a device
First of all, you have to set the output folder: right click into devices list and then go to submenu Sharing, click on Set sharing folder; alternatively you can go on Output sharing panel of Settings window to set the output folder.
Now, right click on the device that you wanto to share and then go to submenu Sharing and then click on the item called Share selected device.
That's all!


How to add a virtual device
Click on icon Add virtual device or right click into devices list then select Add virtual device; a dialog window appear: put a little description for your virtual device and then select the file with the output of virtual device clicking on button "...".
Click on Add button and the work is done, the virtual device appear on devices list on a specific section.


How to remove a virtual device
Simply right click on the virtual device that you want to remove and then select Remove virtual device.

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