S.M.A.R.T. attributes

ATA only

This page displays the list of S.M.A.R.T. parameters for selected device, indicating for each attribute:
  1. if the value has fallen below the threshold limit value;
  2. identification number;
  3. attribute name;
  4. the raw value;
  5. in one column:
    • the current value;
    • the worst value ever recorded value over the life of the unit;
    • the threshold value, beyond which is likely imminent failure;
    • a progressbar that display the current value and, with a black line, the threshold.

Clicking on the attributes listed you can also see in the right side of the page an attribute description, the related "flags" and the comparing chart of current value, the worst and the threshold. The "flags" values are:
  1. "Prefailure Warning": indicates a device vital attribute;
  2. "Updated Online": attribute value is updated during the execution of online testing;
  3. "Speed / Performance": attribute value reflects the performance of disk;
  4. "Error Rate": attribute value reflects the relative frequency of errors on the parameter;
  5. "Event Count": attribute is a counter of events;
  6. "Self-preserving": attribute value is updated and saved automatically.
Each attribute can check one or more "flags".

The list also, depending on the case, display each attribute in a different manner.
Example 1: This is how is displayed an attribute that has never failed the check.
Example 2: This attribute is failed in the past (the worst value is marked in orange), but now his value is again over the threshold.
Example 3: This attribute has never failed his check, but the raw value (marked in orange) is major than 0, so you have to keep an eye on this attribute.
Example 4: This attribute is near to his failure. An attribute starts to appear like this when the value is at least equal to the threshold value increased of 5.
Example 5: This attribute is failed since the value is now under his threshold.
For more information on SMART parameters, you should see the smartctl manual.

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