Into this page is possible to see a summary list of detected devices where is displayed device model, temperature, remaining life (only for SSDs), the last update, bad sectors count2, ATA errors3, the last check of SMART values and the last test result.
The abr at the bottom of device image indicate the reliability of device or, where is not possible to determine it, if the device have passed the S.M.A.R.T. overall health check.

Side panel

On the side panel you have two tabs: on General you can see an overview of device information, like device location (in format "/dev/sd..."), a link to the manufacturer web page, serial number, firmware version1, SMART availability, if device is in smartctl database and so on; on Health you can see the current temperature, total working time, bad sectors count2, ATA errors3, last update, his reliability and so on.

side_panel-general.png side_panel-health_hdd.png
1 Revision for SCSI devices.
2 Non-medium errors for SCSI devices.
3 Elements in grown defect list for SCSI devices.

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