Attributes tracking


This page contain a list of vital parameters that could be tracked to monitor, that are divided in three groups: generic, for mechanical HDD devices, and for SSD devices.

For each parameter, you can set HDD Guardian tracking action: do nothing, track, warn or track and warn.
If the tracking options is selected and one of these parameter change, HDD Guardian log his variations. You can see all these changes into the Events page of the Manage section.

Generic parameters that is monitored are reported as critical in the S.M.A.R.T. page of Wikipedia, with the exception of the value "Raw Read Error Rate", which can be greater than zero even on new discs.

The SSD life indicators are all manufacturer specific parameters: we have “Remaining life percentage” (attribute 209) for Indilinx based devices, “Media wearout indicator” (attribute 233) for Intel based devices, “Percentage lifetime used” (attribute 202) for Micron based devices, “Wear leveling count” (attribute 177) for Samsung based devices and “SSD life left” (attribute 231) for SandForce based devices.

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