How to translate

To create a new translation, select the culture code from the list, click the button “Create project” and then fill the boxes “Language”, “Translator” and “Version”.


They're two sections: one for the interface and one for the S.M.A.R.T. attributes meanings. The progression of work is displayed at the top right.



If you want you can translate only the "Interface" section.
When the project is finished, return to "Project management" page and click the button "Save project"
To send your work, click on the button "Open project folder", then appears an Explorer window with three files: “attributes.xml”, “interface.xml” and "info.xml".
Send these files to this mail: in a first time your work will be available as separate language pack, but on the following HDD Guardian version update you work will be added to the main package, giving credits to the author into the “Contributors” of the “About” window.

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