General settings

From here you can set the behavior and appearance of HDD Guardian.


Available options are divided in five areas.

Run with Windows: if HDD Guardian is run without administration rights create into Windows "Startup" menu a shortcut to the program, which allow to automatically run HDD Guardian when the user log into their Windows account; instead, if HDD Guardian is run with administration rigts create into Windows Scheduler a planner operation that allow to run it at the user log in keeping administrations rights.
Start minimized: the program starts minimized in the taskbar of Windows.

Minimize on tray: when the program is minimized disappear from the taskbar and is placed an icon into the tray area.
Close on tray: instead of closing HDD Guardian, it went minimized into the tray area.
Always show tray icon: always displays the icon into the tray area, even if the program is not minimized.
Confirm on exit: ask a confirm when user exits the program.
Remember window size: HDD Guardian remember his window size when you exit from the application.
Display tray icons info panel: when HDD Guardian is minimized is possible to display an information panel moving the mouse across devices tray icons. For more informations see also Tray icons page.

Check for updates: try to find if a new version of HDD Guardian is available.
Check for language updates: try to find if a new version of the current selected language or if exist a translation for your country.

Show temperatures in Fahrenheit: switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit temperatures displayed into the devices list, the main screen and also into the tray icons.

Display debug events in main window: this option allow to display the Debug section on the main window.

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