Device detection


Here you have two options:
  • Enable Intel Matrix (CSMI) support: if your system have an Intel Matrix chipset on board, some Windows applications (like music players) can be affected by a sound "stuttering" problem. To avoid this issue and only if you don't have set a RAID, you can disable support for Intel Matrix, that is enabled by default;
  • Add a clipboard device for 3ware outputs: this setting allow to add a virtual 3ware clipboard device for outputs of devices under this type of controller. To use this feature, check the box, return to Overview panel of HDD Guardian, copy the 3ware output to Windows clipboard and then, by right clicking and choosing Update on the 3ware device on HDD Guardian, update his output. Now, you can go to Manage section and read the S.M.A.R.T. data retrieved.
On Additional devices you can add devices that HDD Guardian or smartctl can't detect.

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