Devices context menu

Devices context menu in HDD Guardian provides a range of operations that you can do with your devices.

context_menu.png Main context menu

On the top of context menu you can see the name of device that is actually select; if you click on a blank area of list, the context menu appear with the label "HDD Guardian" and some option will be disabled.

The voices that you can find into this menu are:
  • Update: update the output of selected device;
  • Update all: update the output of all devices in list;
  • Rescan external devices: this option allow to search for external devices that are not in list. This is useful if you unchek in Device detection page the option that allow to detect USB devices. This option is also disabled when HDD Guardian is not runnig with full administrations rights, since withouth these rights is impossible to access to external devices;
  • Add virtual device: open a dialog that allow to add an external file as a virtual device. This can be useful to track S.M.A.R.T. values of disks on a LAN environment;
  • Remove virtual devices: remove selected virtual device (not available for internal and external devices);
  • Tray icon: allow to set, for internal and external devices, the type of icon to display on the tray area. You can choose between temperature or remaining file (only for SSDs). Is also possible to enable (for all devices) the info panel that appear when you move the mouse over the tray icon;
  • Sharing: here you can choose if share smartctl device output and also set the sharing folder, where the output will be saved;
  • Xml report: here you can choose if you want to create an xml report of all devices and the folder where put this report. Xml report can be used in combination with desktop enhancers, like Rainmenter.

context_menu-tray_icon.png Tray icon submenu
context_menu-sharing.png Sharing submenu
context_menu-xml_report.png Xml report submenu

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