Change log

HDD Guardian 0.7.1

  • now is required administration rights to run HDD Guardian (discussion #657359);
  • added an initial support for Cherry Trail base boards (thanks to Jörg Dullnig);
  • added hardware details in System page;
  • added on System page, when selected a logical drive, the possibility to run drive benchmarks;
  • introduced the reliability system also for SCSI devices (thanks to Adam Ramsbottom for the very large report);
  • now is possible to track also SCSI parameters;
  • modified ATA ans SCSI errors log layout;
  • modified SMART attributes table layout;
  • side panel displays, for non RAID volumes, also the letters associated to the drive;
  • is possible to set a custom device image;
  • restore APM that some HGST models lost when system is powered off;

  • fixed a bug when loading the hour of regular report;
  • fixed some interface issues;
  • fixed a GDI memory leak (discussion #656973);
  • fixed an error when preparing the regular report (issue #1646 and thanks to Dániel Kiss-Kálmán);
  • fixed a side panel issue (issue #1644);
  • fixed an issue with virtual devices;
  • fixed some issues with errors log parser;
  • fixed an issue with excessive temperature mail warning;
  • fixed an issue with shutdown option;
  • fixed an issue with lower temperatures icon;
  • fixed an issue with 3Ware clipboard outputs;
  • fixed some issues on ATA test panel.

HDD Guardian 0.7.0


  • now HDD Guardian needs .NET Framework 4.5;
  • changed Overview, Manage and System layout;
  • package now include smartctl 6.5 (issue Id #1590);
  • added a specific debug for devices under an ASMedia 106x SATA controller into Manage -> Advanced page (discussion #646757);
  • is possible to add devices that smartctl or HDD Guardian can't detect from Settings -> Device detection page (discussion #646400);
  • is possible to export events log also in comma-separated values format (discussion #652826);
  • now settings are saved inside HDD Guardian folder;
  • new layout for tracking and warns of disk parameters on Settings window;
  • now is possible to play a sound or power off PC when a device is failing or the temperature of a device is too high or in both cases;
  • links to Google Code, mail and support group;
  • custom temperature setup: threshold is provided by the disk (if it's not disponible the threshold is 50°C/122°F);
  • fixed bug into mail password field (issue Id #1581);
  • fixed a bug on Areca controllers setup page (issue Id #1627).

HDD Guardian 0.6.2

  • added support for LSI Fury (thanks to Jan);
  • added support for Dell PERC H200E (thanks to Conan);
  • added support for Areca controllers (thanks to Spacedust);
  • added support for Dell PERC H310 (thanks to Bill and Jorge)
  • added capability to update language files;
  • display device form factor in Manage -> Information;
  • now is possible set a per-drive power mode from Manage -> Advanced;
  • Attributes format and Firmware debug are moved into Manage -> Advanced page;
  • Power mode is now removed from Settings window;
  • display temperature information on Manage -> Temperatures page;
  • is possible to set a different (newer) version of smartctl instead the one bundled with HDD Guardian;
  • added many options in mail settings;
  • added support for 3ware clipboard command from Settings -> Device detection (thanks to Binder Daniel);
  • ATA errors are now excluded from calculation of reliability. Now calculation is based upon IDs 5, 196, 197 and 198 of SMART table;
  • errors log now have an easy to read error description;
  • added AMD, ATP and Silicon Power logo, SSD image sample and web link;
  • fixed a couple of bugs affecting virtual devices;
  • re-added code to Browse button on Settings -> Sharing -> Smartctl Output;
  • fixed an issue with e-mail settings (thanks to Willy);
  • fixed a bug into devices context menu (Xml report);
  • fixed a bug that affects HDD Guardian under Windows XP;
  • fixed some graphical issues;
  • fixed GDI handle memory leak;
  • fixed working time reported by Intel 520 SSDs.

HDD Guardian 0.6.1

  • package now include smartctl 6.3;
  • standard notification e-mail. Now you have to set your mail server to send e-mail alerts;
  • USB detection error;
  • custom e-mail server settings issue;
  • bottom panel displays a wrong ATA error count.

HDD Guardian 0.6.0


  • added support for USB multiple docking stations (thanks to Erich Leisch);
  • added support for Dell PERC H200 controller (thanks to Brian Elias);
  • added support for Microsoft Windows 8 Storage Spaces Controller (thanks to Ouellette Edward J.);
  • is possible to disable support for Intel Matrix (avoid sound stuttering for systems without RAID);
  • package now include smartctl 6.2;
  • package include bulgarian translation;
  • redesigned interface;
  • resizable window;
  • add capability to set write cache reordering (if supported);
  • e-mail notifications (also with custom server);
  • is possible to choose which parameters to keep track;
  • is possible to set a different temperature threshold (this not affect tray icons color);
  • is possible to choose the interface translation;
  • smartctl tolerance and power mode now are on general settings;
  • when mouse is over device tray icon are displayed a panel with informations about device;
  • devices tray icons, sharing and xml report are now available on devices overview context menu;
  • fixed an issue with Samsung SSDs Wear Leveling Count;
  • updated OCZ logo and web link;
  • fixed a bug on error log;
  • fixed the abnormal disk activity issue (also known as "flashing light issue").

HDD Guardian 0.5.0


  • added support for SCSI devices (thanks to Gerhard Schneider);
  • package now include smartctl 6.1;
  • package inclue swedish translation;
  • device tray icon can display remaining life of SSD;
  • added "Monitoring" section, where are moved devices tray icon and sharing options and the log viewer;
  • graph with variations of monitored vital parameters, available under "Monitoring" section;
  • section menu is available clicking on the top left menu icon;
  • sections shortcuts keys;
  • is possible update manually smartctl devices database;
  • modified SMART attribute table layout;
  • added capability to change powermode option for smartctl;
  • added capability to copy data from monitoring report;
  • added capability to generate a report file with monitored data;
  • added Apacer, Mushkin, SuperSSpeed, sTec and Plextor banners;
  • added a new utility that allow to monitor partitions activity (also with tray icons);
  • is possible to disable USB devices connection/disconnection;
  • old menu;
  • icons on devices list;
  • ASAX web link (is offline now);
  • updated HP logo;
  • Samsung web link now points again to (only for SSDs);
  • corrected an issue with monitoring of Samsung's Wear Leveling Count;
  • fixed an issue related to output parser;
  • fixed an issue related to device health fail message;
  • corrected some little bugs.

HDD Guardian 0.4.3

  • package include german and finnish translation;
  • added an initial support for LSI Falcon (LSI SAS 9211-8i) and Intel RST (QM77 chipset);
  • fixed an issue that affect systems with more than one hard drive of the same model (only one was displayed).

HDD Guardian 0.4.2


  • added support for devices under Intel Matrix system (thanks to Daniel Pixley);
  • temperatures can be displayed in Fahrenheit;
  • is possible to disable HDD Guardian update check;
  • device trayicon right-click baloon now display also device reliability;
  • replaced "Geometry and partitions" with "System";
  • added new SMART attributes descriptions;
  • replaced switches into "Enable/disable features" with checkboxes;
  • updated "Device info" tab;
  • package now include smartctl 5.60;
  • add support for new smartctl firmware debug options;
  • fixed a pair of bugs that appears querying WMI;
  • corrected SMART Storage System logo and web link;
  • corrected Conner, Quantum, Maxtor and Samsung web link (now points to;
  • corrected IBM and Hitachi web link (now points to;
  • corrected Toshiba and Fujitsu web link (now points to;
  • fixed an issue with Self-Test log parser;
  • fixed a bug that occurred with smartctl device database update.

HDD Guardian

  • added "Performance" section, that allows to change status of Automatic Acoustic Management (AAM), Advanced Power Managemet (APM), standby frequency, disk write cache and Read Look-Ahead capability;
  • package now include smartctl 5.43;
  • added SanDisk banner and his internal disk sample;
  • fixed a bug that appears during the parse of Self-Test log;
  • fixed a bug that affect reliability calculation under non administrative accounts.

HDD Guardian

  • added "Geometry and partitions" tab into "Main" section;
  • added "Reliability details" tab into "Advanced" section;
  • added capability to generate an XML file to use in desktop enhancers like Rainmeter;
  • introduced the (optional) reliability 5 star rating system;
  • added capability to manually re-scan for external devices;
  • added link to online help;
  • now virtual devices have placeholders instead of switches into "Enable/disable features" tab;
  • now tracks also the total amount of errors;
  • keep track of SMART vital values between program sessions;
  • fixed a very rare bug that appear when switch between two devices with a different error count;
  • fixed a bug on SandForce vital parameter logging;
  • fixed an issue on output sharing;
  • fixed a summary panel issue.

HDD Guardian

  • full support for all USB devices recognized by smartctl (only under profiles with administrative rights);
  • each manufacturer have a different disk image sample;
  • tray icon change the shield to a cross if an update of HDD Guardian is available (requires an Internet connection);
  • disk size is now displayed in decimal (GB) and in binary (GiB) values;
  • automatically correct wrong fake temperatures on some OCZ devices;
  • physical devices are now named as internal devices;
  • separate update timing between internal, external and virtual devices;
  • parameters to monitor now are moved into a proper panel under "Settings" section;
  • allow to monitor some SSDs vital values:
    • Remainig Life Percentage (Indilinx);
    • Media Wearout Indicator (Intel);
    • Percentage Lifetime Used (Micron);
    • Wear Leveling Count (Samsung);
    • SSD Life Left (SandForce);
  • added ASAX, G.Skill, Indilinx, JMicron, Renice, SMART and Unigen banners;
  • revised and expanded SMART attributes descriptions;
  • devices database;
  • Hitachi and IBM web links now points to Hitachi Global Storage Technologies site;
  • fixed a couple of issues displayed when removing a virtual device;
  • fixed a couple of issues that can't make save smartctl attributes remaps;
  • fixed an issue that occurred when an SMART error logged doesn't have a description for the command that caused the error.

HDD Guardian

  • full renewed GUI, with a single windowed interface;
  • package now include smartctl 5.42;
  • updated devices database from smartctl 5.42;
  • full support for smartctl reports generated with '-f brief' option;
  • full support for smartctl reports from version 5.22 to version 5.42;
  • settings autosave;
  • HDD Guardian behavior is based upon the device type where is stored;
  • local devices tray icons are now available (only if HDD Guardian is installed into a fixed device);
  • HDD Guardian tray icon change the shield color if a device is failing;
  • now is possible to minimize HDD Guardian into the tray area instead to close;
  • automatic translation (if translation files can't exists, it switch to english);
  • summary panel, with an overview of disk temperature, health, bad sectors, last test result and eventual warnings;
  • devices are now separated in two categories: physical and virtual;
  • added several informations about device attributes, tests and settings;
  • added Sandforce, OWC, Kingston, Corsair and AData banners;
  • added Suse, Redhat, Mandriva and Slackware icons;
  • changed Windows icon;
  • installed .NET Framework is visible under "About" section;
  • icons themes;
  • Health Center window:
    • "Events Log" are now into the "Main" section;
    • "Devices Health" have merged with devices list;
  • Database window: this window are now available under "Smartctl" section;
  • Report viewer window: output are now available under "Smartctl" section;
  • Settings window: settings are now available under "Settings" section;
  • Asus/Phison and Transcend banners flag;
  • sometimes can't show disk size;
  • under non administrative user can't create subfolders on "Program Files" folder: now setting files are stored under user folder;
  • program can't start if a WD external HDD is connected: local fixed devices are now listed by smartctl;
  • program crash when a device don't display a valid numeric temperature.

HDD Guardian 0.1.3909


Initial release

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