Power mode


Here you can specify (for the currently selected device) if smartctl should exit before any checks when a device is in low-power mode.

Attributes format

ATA only


On most cases you don't have to set nothing here.

Normally if the drive is recognized by smartctl (is in his database, you can see it from Device informations page), the presets are used for the S.M.A.R.T. values recorded in the database.
If the drive is not recognized by smartctl and some parameters have strange values, you can manually set the display options for the S.M.A.R.T. attributes, or choose from those already available in the list.



Naturally these options are safe for device integrity and stored data, and are only useful to tell to smartctl how to display a certain attribute value.

Firmware debug

ATA only


On most cases you don't have to set nothing here.

Some units may have firmware that do not report the data correctly when queried (especially some Samsung units). From here you can change the smartctl interpretation of values.
If a device is into the database of smartctl (see Device information page), the eventual firmware debug is already set.


ATA only


On most cases you don't have to set nothing here.

This is a fix that allow to get the correct data from devices connected through an ASMedia 106x SATA controller. The problem appears (at least) with driver version; this is a per-drive option and is enabled only when this controller is detected.

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