Wrong partition shown as bootable on SSD

Feb 6, 2015 at 2:20 PM
I have a MyDigital SSD SuperBootDrive in a Windows 7 Pro system. HDD Guardian reports that it is not in the Smartctl database. However, it does show information about the drive on HDD Guardian's Manage page and lists the device as SB M2 SSD.

On the System page, HDD Guardian correctly shows that the SSD is partitioned into 2 partitions of 150GB (partition 0) which is C: and 74GB (partition 1) which is D:. However, HDD Guardian shows partition 0 as "Bootable: No" and partition 1 as "Bootable: Yes". In fact, the reverse is true. Partition 0 is bootable and partition 1 is not. This info is shown correctly in Windows CP, Adminstrative Tools, Computer Management, Disk Management.
Feb 6, 2015 at 3:22 PM

When HDD Guardian reports that a device is not in smartctl database, this means that can some SMART attributes can be read not in the right manner by smartctl, so HDD Guardian health check (reliability) can be wrong. Naturally the drive SMART check works normally since it's coded directly by manufacturer.
If you can, please send to Smartmontools team the report of your device (Manage -> Device Output) as described in this page.

About the inverted bootable value, please check also the raw data gathered via WMI from HDD Guardian Toolbox (System Information page) to confirm this thing and, if you can, provide me this data and a couple of screenshots that can be useful for me to work on this issue.

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