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Dear user,

You're in the right place but in the wrong moment: unfortunately, due to some circumstances, I've decided to retire the entire HDD Guardian project (source code, builds and documentation).

I know that this is an unexpected news, but when I've received the last issue post where I've read "shit" and "worthless piece of garbage" in few rows, I've decided that I've had enough of rudeness of some users. In effect, that was the last straw that broke the camel's back (or, how we said where I live, "the last drop that overflows the pot").

In other cases some other users where annoying me without using such strong words, but at that time I've closed my eyes pretending to have misunderstood the meanings of these words.

Spending my spare time (at the late night) receiving this type of treatment is not what I was searching, so at the moment I've decided to halt my experience with opensource here.

So, for now, HDD Guardian project will be in my (and for the people around me) exclusive use; maybe on the future I can publish it again with a different name (since it's not "guarding" only HDD) and simplified: I plan to remove all the things that for me are not useful, like attributes format and test planner.

Overall this was a good experience for me, since my work has received unexpected awards, was published on magazines and has had a couple of appreciation from MS MVP people. And, for an amateur like me (yes, I'm not a professional programmer), this is far beyond expectations.

I want to thank all the translators (also sonoro for es-ES and Milosz Trzcinski for pl-PL... I'm sorry guys, I've never noticed you work until now, forgive me!) and who kindly have submitted issues, opened discussions and helped me to make this project better.

One last thing for who where thinking that my code was a garbage: when you receive an unexpected error from HDD Guardian, this means that the portion of code that generate the error requires an improvement. If I put all the code inside a "Try... Catch... End Try" statement, you never know that the output of your device is processed and displayed correctly or not.

If you need the last build published, you can get it on some sites like Softpedia or SnapFiles.


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